What’s In My Toiletry Bag: The Essentials

You can feel dirty when you go minimalist camping. When you get to your campsite after hiking for a few hours, having to go bushwhacking to find a spot to set up your tent, cleaning your camp, organizing it, collecting and chopping firewood, hanging a bear bag, and so on, you might get a little bit dirty. I love backpacking, kayaking and spending time outdoors and I still like to feel clean and pampered when participating in those activities. But, Nick is also worried about how much gear we are bringing. He doesn’t want me to overload myself by bringing a bunch of non-essential beauty products. So as a happy medium, I have one small toiletry bag that I bring on all of our minimalist camping trips. Moreover, I have created a list of all the items I keep in my toiletry bag. I believe that all these items are essential to feel papered while living in the bush for a few days.

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Overnight Backpacking List: What You Need to Bring

This is my overnight backpacking list. These are the clothes I usually bring when we head out on an overnight backpacking trip in the summer. You want to make sure you are ready for any type of weather, no matter what season you are hiking in. So, it is important to have a good, detailed, packing list for backpacking. Even though you may be hiking in 30degree weather, it still gets cold at night. It’s especially cold when you can’t have a fire. Moreover, during the summer months there will likely be a ban on fires in the back country. So, it’s a good idea to bring lots of warm clothes! Here is my packing list for your next backpacking trip:

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