3 Day Meal Plan That is Tasty and Filling

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my meal plan’s for minimalist camping. I have found recipes that are easy to whip up, without a lot of prep and still taste pretty good when you are out on the trail. Nick and I are always satisfied!

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What to Bring Hiking: The Essentials

When going for a day hike it is important to bring the proper gear. You never know what may happen, it’s always better to be prepared for anything! Many of us think that we wont get lost or hurt while out on the trail, but there is always a chance it could happen. I believe that if you want to enjoy the outdoors, you have to do it responsibly. I have linked the items that I have from MEC, I trust them and love them! Here is my list of what to bring hiking:

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First Kayaking Adventure: Indian Arm, Canada BC

Kayaking the Indian Arm:

During the summer of 2015 my uncle, Nick and I decided to go on our first kayaking adventure. We launched from Rocky Point Park, in Coquitlam BC, paddling down the Indian Arm. This was Nick and I’s first overnight kayaking trip. I did a little bit of training for the trip but didn’t realize the difference in paddling with an empty boat compared to paddling with a boat loaded with enough camping gear for three days. It took awhile for my arms to get adjusted to the burning feeling.

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