Backpacking in Golden Ears Park

Backpacking in Golden Ears Park:

East Canyon Trail 7km Campsite:

Nick and I set out on our first backpacking trip of 2016. It was decided that we would go backpacking in Golden Ears Park. We got a late start on our journey, arriving at the trail head of the East Canyon Trail at 10:30. The hike was short, so we weren’t worried about running out of daylight. It was a beautiful day, we decided to take the scenic route and start our journey through the Lower Falls Trail and cut up across the steep connector trail to East Canyon. 

We made it to Hiker’s Beach around noon and stopped for a quick snack and decided we had enough time to try and find a more rustic campsite, so we continued on. Along the trail, we came to a sign that deemed the trail to be closed, but we decided to be rebels and keep going (I do not recommend doing this, for safety reasons you should always follow the posted signs!). The trail was washed out and bridge-less. We had to get creative!

Nick found us the perfect campsite, it was a sandy spot covered by trees; our tent fit perfectly. We set up camp. I gathered firewood while Nick hung the bear bag. He was very proud that he got the fire on the first try! We cooked up some smokies and Nick had some fireball while I had some red wine. All night, we sat around the fire and enjoyed the night until we went to bed. We both had a great sleep, the white noise from the river calmed us.

The next morning, we set up another fire and had breakfast. We cleaned up the site and started packing up. For the rest of the day, we sat in the sun with our feet in the river, enjoying a few beers. The trip back to the Jeep was nice and relaxing.

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