Tasty Backpacking Breakfast To Keep You Full!

This is my go to backpacking breakfast! Its tasty and filling. Moreover it will give you the energy you need to hike to your destination and back home!

What you need:

  • Oatmeal
  • Chia seeds
  • Brown sugar
  • Almond shavings
  • Cinnamon


  • Combine all ingredients into a sandwich bag. The amount of each ingredient will vary, depending on how many people you are feeding. I am always packing for two people so I will usually put 1cup oatmeal, 1tbs chia seeds, 1tsp brown sugar, a small hand full of almond shavings and a few dashes of cinnamon.
  • I label each bag “breakfast day1, breakfast day2”, ect.
  • When you are ready to have the oatmeal, just add the bag of ingredients into a pot of boiling water. When the water is gone, its ready to be served.
  • Sometimes we bring some extra fruit to top it off!

Let me know what you bring for your backpacking breakfast! Comment below!

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