My First Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking adventure: Greendrop Lake, Chilliwack BC

  • Distance: 10km
  • Time needed: 5hrs
  • Rating: moderate

In the summer 2014 my boyfriend, Nick, and I decided to try out backpacking and set out on our first backpacking adventure. The first overnight backpacking trip I ever accomplished was Greendrop Lake in Chilliwack, BC. We had packed up our gear the night before, making sure we could carry the packs. I remember being worried if I’d actually make it, the pack was almost the same size as me!

At the trail head I was excited to be going on our first adventure, but also worried because it was the first one we had ever been on. The first forty minutes of the trek was tough, uphill the entire way to Lindemen Lake. We made it to the first lake and I was pretty proud of myself. Lindemen lake is a great spot to have a snack and go for a dip, the water is spectacular!

The Irish Explorer: Hiking to Greendrop Lake, Chilliwack BC
Hiking past Lindemen Lake

The next leg of our journey was across several boulder fields. At the start I thought scrambling across the boulders was fun. But by the end of the last boulder field I did not want to balance on anymore boulders.

Boulder Field
Hiking across the boulder fields

When we finally made it to our destination, we took off our packs. It felt quite strange taking off my pack after hiking for hours. It felt hard to properly distribute my weight again.

We set up camp and had lunch. I took a nap while Nick journaled about our trip so far. After my nap, I started to make dinner, it was exciting to use our new gear for the first time! I dehydrated ground beef in a tomato basil sauce and we had it with noodles. I made way too much, we both stuffed ourselves full. After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening organizing gear, changing into warmer clothes, and playing cards. It was pretty satisfying to sit under the stars, in front of a lake, with a nice cold beer. We deserved it.

Hanging out at Greendrop Lake, Chilliwack BC
Relaxing at Greendrop Lake

As we grew tired from our day filled with hard work, we went to bed. No one really tells you about what it feels like to sleep in a small backpacking tent with no one around. You can hear every sound in the forest. A slight breeze would come through and you can hear all the branches moving. I kept thinking “there is a cougar or bear somewhere in this forest”. We slept with the fly off our tent, it was nice to wake up to the morning sun. I was relieved when the sun came up.

For breakfast we ate oatmeal and sat out at the lake for the rest of our time at Greendrop. We went swimming and drank a few more beers before packing up to leave. I remember my shoulders killing me when I put the pack back on, I was not happy.

Now, a side note, I am not a very athletic person. So hiking is hard for me, especially with a big pack on. Nick usually has to give me quite a few pep talks to keep me going.

We left our campsite and headed home. It was a hard journey on the way back because I was tired and sore. I started to feel extremely dizzy after the first hill we climbed. We had to take it slow, with lots of breaks because I was so dizzy. I figure I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and was a bit dehydrated. Scrambling across several boulder fields is not fun when you are dizzy and feeling nauseous. After lunch I was feeling a lot better and the hike was enjoyable again. We took another break at Lindemen Lake and started our final descent. When we got to the car, the both of us were ready to get our heavy packs off and stretch it out. I was tired, but extremely proud of myself. We had survived our first backpacking trip. I made it.

Hiking to Greendrop Lake BC.
Crossing another boulder field on the way home

What we learned: always make sure you’re full and hydrated! It is a lot of work to hike to a destination with a heavy backpack on, your body needs the energy!

Difficulty: 4/10. At the time of the hike, I would have ranked it a lot higher, but after having more experience under my belt I rank the difficulty lower. This is a good introductory hike!

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